Emily K. Guldborg|Prairie Potholes

I am an import to this prairie life.  Born and raised in Pennsylvania, I ventured west in the early 2000s, took a tour of Missoula to obtain a Master's Degree and settled in the eastern part of the state on a farm rand ranch in southern McCone County.

Since then, I have discovered various loves:  my children, badlands, prairie skies, photography and writing.

The prairie life is hard to wrap your head around.  Trying to reconcile the stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder that I grew up with, the historical photographs of Evelyn Cameron and my own husband's family, and life today is a balancing act that I have not yet perfected.  But through word and picture, I keep trying.

Prairie literature is filled with trial and tribulation, with the stories of the boom and bust cycle that characterizes life here since European settlement.  It is also characterized by a fascination with life that's always on the brink of wildness and the tenacity of the people who live here.  "The geography of hope," Wallace Stegner once said in reference to our need for wild spaces and integration with nature.  It's a good idea.

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